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From a client “When I first considered refinancing, I checked the internet websites for the lowest interest rate. I spoke with some broker out of state. He is giving rates and fees way over my expectations. Also, I felt rushed. The broker is to going charge me thousands of dollars for the rate that I wanted.

We checked around in my area and a family friend recommended Nicolas Mortgage. they had recently refinanced their home. A family friend recommended Fred. he really gave me the attention that I was looking for. At first, I was a little skeptical, I thought all brokers charges hefty fees. In the end, we closed escrow with the minimal fees and ended up in the positive!

Fred get the lowest rate possible! I’m now referring Fred to my family and friends.”

You know rates are near historic lows.


LOAN DEBT RELIEF is our specialty. mortgage payments are too high? You love your house and you want to keep it.

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You want some time off from your monthly payments.  Perhaps a low mortgage payments may help. Do you know the person that needs help?

Find the Right People.

You Need to Get to the Right People. To Find Out How We Can Get the Right People Involved. Yes, we can do it.


Here are 2 great ways to go:

1. FHA Refinance Loans

Get the fixed-rate security of a government FHA loan. It may even be possible to refinance without an appraisal through FHA’s Streamline refinance program.

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2. Conventional Fixed-Rate Refinance Loans

Lock in a low rate now, then sit back and watch as that rate NEVER changes.

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Plus, with Nicolas Mortgage:

  • Track your loan status through Nicolas Mortgage My Loan servicing feature
  • Take advantage of our Competitive Lender Fees

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